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Testimonials And Bonuses The Greatest One-Two Punch To Extraordinary

Lance Groom

entrepreneurs can reach record income levels using new ebook on adsense
and adword techniques

September 20, 2005

The "Rich Jerk" has created quite a stir on the Internet about his new
ebook revealing secrets on how to use use Google Adwords and Adsense for
big profits. He has recently sold a website on eBay for $390,000 that had
a $900,000 annual return. It only took him nine months to reach that
sky-rocketing figure.

The Rich Jerk's real name is Kelly Summer. He often likes to refer to
himself as "The Rich Jerk" for his attention grabbing and rude awakening
marketing techniques. He has recently grabbed notoriety amongst some of
the leading marketing experts such as Lance Groom, Jeff Mills, Dean
Marino, Britt Phillips, and Karl Payne. Some people are saying that this
revealing ebook has opened many doors for new and experienced marketers
to make a lot of online money.

The Rich Jerk has been able to earn over $13 million in the past six
years with clickbank and Paypal using these exact same techniques he now
teaches. Some critics say that The Rich Jerk has revealed too much
information and that could shrink their pocket books by the competition
of new marketing arrivals.

This book is also not for the faint of heart. It contains some marketing
tactics that are considered "grey hat" and "black hat." It also assumes
readers are professional enough to understand investing in their
business, in the form of advertising. Not every tactic is grey hat, black
hat, or costs money though - there's a nice mix of many different tactics
and approaches. The book is a "no fluff" and "no filler" type ebook that
gets right to the point and shows you exactly how this guy is making tons
of cash.

The Rich Jerk is a legitimate online player. People are also stating that
they just couldn't resist The Rich Jerk and what he had to say in his
brand new ebook. Ninety-nine percent of the reviews online have stated,
"don't worry at all about feeling like you got duped, because The Rich
Jerk is not such a jerk after all and his book was downright Awesome!"
Yes he does have an abrasive advertising style, but what the Jerk does do
is make a lot of money, and is now willing to teach other people how to
do the same.

In the first chapter, entitled "Creating an Affiliate Website that Sells
Like Crazy", he covers building affiliate websites to earn commissions
from the sales of other people's products. He starts by listing 13
affiliate sites and ranks them as "must join," "maybe join," and "join if
you are bored." Once you've selected a product to sell, he goes through
six specific writing strategies to use on your affiliate site to hook the
reader and get them to click through on your affiliate link. He then
gives you a complete sample "sales letter" (it's more like an article)
with all of his strategies at work.

The third section in chapter one discusses offering rebates to your
customers, but it's not just the same old "buy from me and I'll give you
part of my affiliate fee back." The Rich Jerk delves into specific ways
to do refunds that will increase your bottom line as opposed to simply
offering a rebate.

In the final section of chapter one, The Rich Jerk writes about setting
up pay-per-lead sites, where you get paid $10 or so for each person who
provides you with his or her information (which you then pass on to a
company which pays you for the lead). This is a technique that has not
been explored in-depth much by any of the mainstream Internet marketing

So why is "The Rich Jerk" much better than you? The answer to this
question lies within his newly released ebook.

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My name is Lance Groom and I am formally from the Hit TV Show "Making
Money", also past board member for "Susan Powter" health fitness, and
Infomercial guru. In 2001 I led one of the largest advertising campaigns
in over 6,000 newspapers. This campaign resulted in over 25,000 sales all
over the world creating "Classified Millions".

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